What's On

Bee Bot
Learn the robot programing with our cutest little robot and solve the problem.
Eye Model
Let’s see your eye from your perception, what makes your eye lens get thin and fat?
G Drop
You know gravity speed’s you up and slower you down at the same time?
Laser Room
Wanna experience the defectiveness within you? Let’s see how many lasers beam you will be able to escape?
Being calm and focused leads you to win the game, how focus you are?
Pepper Ghost
Ghost? Do you believe in illumination? Heartthrob moments for you.
Plasma Tube
How “electrify” to experience the electric flow in your body? Dare to touch?
Robot Arm
Train your brain to command your muscle to control the robotic hand.
Skeleton Moves
Our skeleton will replicate your steps wonder how? Are you flexible enough to compete with mr skeleton?
Snake Pendulum
It creates a snake pattern while swing but how?
Wall Climb
How far you can climb? Let’s see your stamina.
Wire Buzzer
Wanna know how steady is your hand, let your eye coordinate with your hand.
Bernoulli Blowers
Wondering how a ball can float in the air? Let’s experience how does the airflow do that.
Coloured Shadow
Colours are insane when we explore, how many colours can you create?