We provide a range of educational programmes for students of all ages

material world laboratory equipment - tech dome penang

Material World

Be a science detective using chemical tests and experiments to solve exciting life mysteries in the material world.

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physical world e=mc2 - tech dome penang

Physical World

The laws of Physics govern the existence of the universe. Learn how these laws are exploited in our modern world.

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living world butterfly - tech dome penang

Living World

Discover the wonders of life with our trained facilitators. Be amazed by the wonders of the living world around us.

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mechanical world - tech dome penang

Mechanical World

We will show you how to put machines together and see your creations come alive to do wonderful things!

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earth and beyond - tech dome penang

Earth & Beyond

Explore with us the wonders of the universe as we take you to the galaxies, stars and planets using Penang's most powerful telescope.

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green slime - tech dome penang

Science Camp

A series of short hands-on activities and awesome demonstrations designed to engage students and test basic building skills over 2 days!

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