Tech Dome Penang Groundbreaking Ceremony

Speech by Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng

Posted on August 19th, 2015

YB Prof. Dr. P. Ramasamy
Deputy Chief Minister (II) of Penang

YB Danny Law Heng Kiang
Penang State Executive Councillor for Tourism Development & Culture 

YB Chong Eng
Penang State Executive Counsillor for Youth and Sports; Women, Family and Community Development 

YB Zairil Khir Johari
Member of Parliament for Bukit Bendera

YB Wong Hoi Wai
State Assemblymen for Ayer Itam

YB Yap Soo Hoey
State Assembly Member of Pulau Tikus 

Dato' Patahiyah binti Haji Ismail
Mayor of The Penang Island City Council (MBPP)

Ms Loo Lee Lian
General Manager of Invest Penang

Dato’ Rosli Jaafar
General Manager of PDC & Director of Penang Tech Centre 

Dato' Wong Siew Hai
Chairman & Director of Penang Tech Centre Berhad

Dato' KK Lim
Director of Penang Tech Centre Berhad

All Corporate and Personal Sponsors 

Yang Berbahagia Dato-Dato & Datin- Datin

Distinguished Guests

Members of the Press

Ladies and Gentleman

Good morning to all of you.

Today marks an important chapter in the Tech Dome journey. As I stand before you to make this opening address, I am truly pleased that we are finally embarking on the ground breaking of the Tech Dome Penang. 

We have certainly come a long way from 2011, when the Penang State Government first mooted the idea of setting up a Science and Discovery Centre for Penang. It is truly a fine example of the strong collaboration between the State and the private sector. Many of you here are sponsors; I thank you for your kind generosity and you sharing the State Government’s vision to have a centre that will not only showcase science and technology but rekindle interest among the young in the learning of science.
As a hub for technology learning and exchange of ideas, TDP will provide a platform for people from all walks of life to discover the wonders of science and technology. Regular programs that are specifically designed to cultivate the spirit of inquiry and teach children and teenagers the skills required to thrive in a high-tech, knowledge-based future will be conducted for schools, colleges and even families.

A substantial portion of the exhibits will be from Science Alive from New Zealand and Huttinger from Germany but exhibits from locally-based MNCs and also local corporations will also be on display. This is in line with the objective for Tech Dome to also showcase local technology and those originating from Penang. 

As you will see from the following video presentation, we truly believe that the very interesting exhibits on display at Tech Dome will not only spark the interests of young children in Science, Technology & Engineering but will certainly live up to the tag line - “Inspiring Innovation”. Besides showcasing exhibits on Science, Technology & Engineering, Tech Dome will also be planning various educational programs, workshops and science camps for young children.

The building renovation design for Tech Dome is done by Arkitek Permata and a team of consultants which include Arup Jururunding, TES Avenue and Kuantibina. Construction work commences immediately after the groundbreaking, with Kok Construction duly appointed as the main contractor and is expected to complete by end March next year. An additional three (3) months is set aside for fitting-in and commissioning of exhibits and interior decoration works. It is targeted for Tech Dome to open its doors by mid-2016. Renovation cost is estimated to be around RM12.54M, to be funded by the generosity of the private sector. In line with the State Government’s priority on environmental planning, Tech Dome will be a GBI-certified building. 

Penang Development Corporation (PDC), besides extending a 30-year lease at a nominal rental of RM1 per year, will also be upgrading various infra-structure facilities in the Dome which includes new escalators and air-conditioning system. This is in addition to the RM5.15M of cash contribution that PDC is contributing to the project.

Many of you present here today are amongst the Founding Sponsors for Tech Dome. To IJM, Dell, Altera, Intel, Toray Group, Globetronics, Molex, Inari and the many other corporate donors and also individuals whom I cannot possibly name here, thank you for the support to help realise this mission. We look forward to your continuous support.

Whilst we have made significant progress in fund-raising for the project, to-date we are still slightly under RM2 million from the project budget of RM25 million. For those who wish to be duly recognised as Founding Sponsors, please donate to Tech Dome prior to the opening in June 2016. Donations to Tech Dome qualify for tax-exemption granted by the Ministry of Finance. 
Once again, my special thanks to all of you who have contributed. Appreciation also goes out to the many educational institutions, partners and volunteers who continue to come forward to support the various events and upcoming programs for Tech Dome. Let's work together to make Penang a better place for all Malaysians.

Thank you.